Entertainment & Events


Entertainment & Events

Onside Partners understand the components required to organise, manage and stage a successful event and we understand that the success of an event is measured not only in terms of profitability, but also public perception. We also understand the commercial and legal risks inherent in the staging of live events that may materially affect the success, profitability and reputation of an event and those associated with it.

We have significant experience in advising artists, rights holders, agencies and promoters, event organisers and venue providers in the conception, organisation, staging, hosting, management, sponsorship and licensing of large public and private events, including popular music concerts, gala events, festivals, exhibitions and conferences.

We are able to work with our clients to manage and stage events with the aim of maximising commercial reward and participant/public satisfaction whilst at the same time cost effectively and efficiently identifying, managing and (wherever possible) eliminating risk. Onside Partners also engages with clients, whether on a contractual or joint venture basis, in the conception, formation, organisation and management of new events.


We offer a wide range of services and advice to clients in the Entertainment & Events industries, including in relation to:


  • conception, formation, management, organisation and staging of events including:
  • live sporting events;
  • international film festivals;
  • national championship events;
  • popular music concerts;
  • festivals;
  • exhibitions;
  • conferences; and
  • webinars and seminars;

  • management, exploitation and protection of commercial rights associated with events, including advising and assisting individuals and entities with the acquisition/sale and activation of:
  • sponsorship rights;
  • naming rights;
  • image rights;
  • TV (broadcasting) rights;
  • publishing rights;
  • internet rights;
  • ticketing arrangements;
  • merchandising rights; and
  • all other intellectual property rights associated with events and/or rights attaching to them;


  • personal representation of artists and performers; and


  • management and exploitation of entertainment and event facilities.

Some examples of our partners' relevant experience (respecting at all times our clients' requests for confidentiality where applicable) includes:


  • conceived, organise and manage the UAE Football 7's event, the largest amateur participation football event in the MENA region, with teams from over 10 countries, comprising up to 3,600 players of 80 different nationalities;


  • advising the organisers of a new pan-Asia motor racing championship in relation to all aspects of the conception, formation and roll-out of the championship prior to its commencement, including all aspects relating to the retention of talent (including professional motor racing drivers) and procurement of equipment (including motor racing cars) for the series;


  • representing rights holders in relation to the staging of various international world championship sporting events and popular music concerts and festivals, including a WBO World Title boxing match and the Andrew Flintoff Benefit Year;


  • advising the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTCC) in relation to the staging and sponsorship of the 2008 Global Travel and Tourism Summit to be held in Dubai, UAE in April 2008;


  • advising in relation to the staging and sponsorship of the Dubai International Film Festival;


  • advising CNBC Arabiya in negotiating and drafting a music licence agreement for the use by CNBC of music created by third parties; and


  • advising a Middle East based record company and rights-holder in relation to an audit of its contractual rights under a series of recording contracts, artist agreements and music production and distribution agreements, together with providing advice in relation to the exploitation of its rights in the same via digital distribution channels.