Leisure & Hospitality


Leisure & Hospitality

The MENA and Asia regions are destinations of choice for luxury travel and leisure seekers, and each region boasts a wide range of world class hotels, resorts, spa and leisure facilities.


Because we have a focus on advising the leisure & hospitality sectors, we understand the unique practical and commercial demands placed upon our clients working within hospitality and leisure industry. Onside Partners is able to provide solutions and advice to our clients that are not only sympathetic to industry demands, but also aligned with cultural trends and industry developments, be it in the MENA or Asia region, or internationally wherever our clients operate.


Our partners have experience in advising many of the world's leading international luxury hotel owners and/or operating groups and routinely advise domestic and international owners and operators of hotels, theme parks, spa and other leisure facilities.


We offer a wide range of services and advice to clients in the Leisure & Hospitality industries, including in relation to:

  • operation and management of facilities, including negotiation and drafting of O&M arrangements;


  • franchising and concession arrangements, including the grant of concessions for use of space within existing facilities;


  • acquisition and disposal of assets and facilities, including sale-and-leaseback arrangements;


  • staging and sponsorship of events / facilities;


  • arrangements for the procurement of goods and services, including standard terms and conditions of sale and purchase;


  • licensing arrangements, including licenses for the use of brand names, trade names and intellectual property;


  • appointment of consultants;


  • advertising, marketing and PR strategy and campaigns, including advising in relation to the participation in and the terms of loyalty and incentive programmes;


  • hospitality management consultancy;


  • human resources and labour law issues, including the retention / removal of personnel and the mediation of employee disputes; and


  • outsourcing arrangements.


Some examples of our partners' relevant experience (respecting at all times our clients' requests for confidentiality where applicable) includes:


  • in excess of 4 years' experience advising one of the largest and most prestigious MENA based international luxury hotel operating groups on a wide-range of matters, including:
  • procurement arrangements;
  • standard terms of sale & supply;
  • risk management issues;
  • marketing and advertising campaigns;
  • promotional campaigns including sponsorship arrangements;
  • O&M arrangements;
  • staff training and incentivisation;
  • selection and appointment of consultants;
  • outsourcing of facilities and services;
  • IT procurement;
  • concession arrangements for use of space within existing facilities; and
  • the creation of legal and commercial precedents for use throughout their business;


  • advising numerous hotel and airline operators on the creation and terms of frequent guest/traveller programmes, to include joint ventures with incentive and payment partners (e.g. Amex, SkyMiles etc);


  • advising the owners of a major motorsport facility in the UAE in relation to the redevelopment and construction of a new motorsport circuit with associated leisure and hotel complex;


  • advising a hotel owner in the appointment of a hotel group for the operation and management of a boutique hotel located within a sporting facility in Abu Dhabi, UAE; and


  • between 2006 and 2007, our partner, Simon Bryan, was retained as the exclusive legal services provider to Dubai Autodrome LLC, the first full-service, FIA accredited and approved motor racing circuit in the UAE.